Friday, March 21, 2008

Meal Planning for week of March 24

Buffalo Chicken Pizza
Pineapple Black Bean Enchiladas
Baked Egg Plant
Tomato Tortellini Soup (either w/ grilled cheese or cheese enchiladas)
Stir fry

Not necessarily in that order. Side dishes TBD.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

My favorite dinner

I love baked it. I make it once a week to once every other week. I serve it with garlic mashed, a veggie, baked feta, and mini pitas. Last time I made it R asked for a sauce for it. I told him that I usually spread the feta or some of the garlic mash on it. His response was that he had already scarfed his garlic mash...too bad for him. So this time I made a sauce. I'll admit, it was a nice addition.

Since I had the sauce this time, I decided to do something different with the potato. I just bought some ramekins the other day and wanted to use them so I made little potato souffles.

Aren't they cute? Here is what I did:
Made garlic mashed as usual.
Spray the ramekins with non-stick spray
In the food processor:
1/2 c. flour
1 egg
1/2 c. milk (maybe less)
Pour mix into ramekin just above covering the bottom, the fill with potato, then pour more mix over top. It made a great little baked crust.
Here is the rest:
Dip in egg
Dip in breading mix
Bake at 400 for about 15 min on each side.
My breading:
Panko bread crumbs
Shake and bake or italian bread crumbs
Garlic powder
some parm cheese
The Sauce:
Leftover pan drippings from shrip linguini and a can of italian spiced tomatoes in the food processor. R loved the sauce BTW.